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Senin, 19 September 2011

[Photo Goofy style] Cute Nikhun and his sister "Sherleen"

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On September 19, 2PM’s Nichkhun uploaded of photo of himself with his sister, titled “My love sister,” on his Twitter account. Nichkhun and his youngest sister Sherleen amused fans with an adorable set of photos that showed off their goofy sides, as well as their family’s superior genes.
Recently, Sherleen debuted as an actress in a single-episode drama in Thailand. Now, all three of Nichkhun’s siblings – Sherleen, Yanin, and Nichan- have officially debuted in the entertainment industry, making them a complete family of celebrities.
Netizens who have come across the photos commented, “They definitely have been blessed with superior genes, “For a second, I thought she was his girlfriend,” and “She looks more like a celebrity than he does.”
via soompi
masih ingat Sherleen adeknya Nikhun?? Di WGM saat nikhun di thailand adeknya sempat muncul bersama victoria-shi nari bareng di rumahnya nikhun di Thailand... , yup. she is grow up now...Emang kelihatan beda banget si Sherleen ini. Keluarga Nikhun -Sherleen, Yanin dan Nichan memang debut sebagai selebritis di Thailand.. Hmm, Bener2 keluarga Artis..hohoho..

'like than a sister , she is like a his girlfriend' hehehe

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