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Rabu, 21 September 2011

Funny Pictures Fanbase Boice [CN Blue] Rusia!!!

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Cn Blue Fans sekarang merambah tidak hanya di Negara Asia juga sampai negara Amerika,Australia, Eropa dll. Hmm..sekarang bahkan boice [CN Blue Fanbase] sampai di negara terbesar di dunia, yup. Negara Rusia tepatnya...Yes! CN Blue is DAEBAK!!!Mau lihat fanbase rusia?? goto link http://boice.ru/index.php.
berikut hasil photo fanartwork fanbase mereka buat CN Blue... Bener2 membuat saya tertawa lebar...LOL..cek this out guy---->>

[dunchess----> siapa dia??]

[quenn----> siapa dia??]

[mademoisle----> siapa dia??]

[countess---->siapa dia??

CNBLUE is not only getting popular in Asian countries but also at countries in other continents like America, Australia, Europe. To our glee, we would like to share with everyone that CNBLUE’s fanbase also reached the largest country in the world, covering more than one eighth of the Earth’s occupied land area, Russia. Yes! That’s how popular our boys are. ^^
To all CNBLUE fans, Russian Boice / Boice in Russia, please follow Boice.ru to get updates about CNBLUE in Russian. Their site link >> http://boice.ru/index.php
As a start of our support to our new friend, we would like to share Boice.ru fan-artwork with everyone. It’s really nicely edited. Check the pictures below and see how would CNBLUE members look if they were a woman (during middle ages). Please note that this is just for fun and doesn’t meant any offense. Or let me rephrase it as, how would CNBLUE member’s (future) daughters look wearing middle-ages-designed gowns.
Who is the fairest of them all?
Will you be able to identify who is the Queen, Princess, Duchess and Countess?
via cnbluestorm.com, boice.ru 
edited: cherryblossompiku@just-bellablog.blogspot.com

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