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Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

[video] yongseo special stage [Kpop All Star Live in Niigata 08.20.11]

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bagi chingku2 sekalian yang lagi kangen sama yongseo couple , bisa mengobati rasa kangen kalian dengan ngeliat konser ini....setelah sekian lama yongseo couple gag ketemu...akhirnya dipertemukan juga di acara Kpop All Star live in Niigata. 
Here we go "Banmal Song" by yongseo couple..love yongseo...©©
YongSeo Special Stage ( Niigata Performance) from Goguma Couple on Vimeo.
yong~oppa kerennn...seohyun-shi cantik...kyopta dech mereka...Daebakkk!!!

video url : http://vimeo.com/27938946
source: gogumaepisode 

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