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Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

Idol Stars yang Paling Pintar di Kpop Industry by Arirang Pop Seoul [top 5 idol star brainy in Kpop Industry??]

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Arirang's Pops in Seoul, on august 18th, released a ranking about Top 
5 Brainy Idol Stars in Kpop industry. Jung Yonghwa, placed on no 1. 
Cek the full result n video below!
1. Jung Young Hwa
2. Lee Seung Gi
3. Brown Eyed Girls Miryo
4. TVXQ Changmin
5. Han Groo 
note: Hmm.. gag tau ya kenapa Yong Hwa jadi yang pertama,,, mungkin karena kejeniusannya dalam hal music...Saya masih belum tau sich kriteria yang dipake....tapi afterall chukaee buat Yong~ oppa tuk jadi yang pertama....hehehe...

source : Arirang
video : yunminholic's youtube

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