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Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Anything about Goguma Couple [cut vid fancam] ^.^

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Yongseo related interviews, fancams and etc.


Yong's Love Confession?

Yong's ideal girl desription. Hmmm, sounds familiar?

OMO! Yong lost his precious! Ottoke?!

Taeyeon: He's married to our maknae

Yong: I have her number

Yonghwa talks about Seohyun

Yong VS Jack Sparrow

Seohyun talks about Yonghwa

Seohyun talks about Yonghwa #2

Yong's ideal type, who is she?

The tale of the lost ring

Yong talks about Hyun

Hyun's reaction when CNblue won at GDA

Yongseo GDA Behind the scenes

Yong's 100 Sec Speed Interview

Yonghwa & Onew talks about Seohyun TRANSLATION HERE

Yong showing off his precious

Jung Seobang

OMO! who are you hugging Yong?! 0_o

Yong's Jeju Plans

Yong's mentions Hyun at First Step Press Conference

source: yongseointernational credit : yongseo fans

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